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We bring Talent, Films & Events to the forefront of the public eye.

London Flair Public Relations have offices in London and Los Angeles.  We are a boutique full-service public relations agency that create bespoke publicity campaigns for our clients.   We do what it takes to provide our clients with only the very best results and always ensure they are in the public eye, through all mediums.

We provide

Personal Publicity | International Publicity Campaigns (UK, USA, Africa, Australia, South Africa, Europe and more) | Film Festival Publicity | Launch Events | Press Junkets | Film Premieres | Red Carpet Launches | Press Screenings | Film Releases – we provide publicity at any stage in a film’s life, from unit publicity through to UK or US theatrical distribution and home entertainment | OSCAR, BAFTA and EMMY Publicity Campaigns | Films in Film Festivals

Client work

London Flair PR specialises in working with established Actors, Producers, Celebrity Chefs, Directors, Films, Presenters, Celebrities, and Events. Films we have worked on have starred actors like J.K. Simmons, Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, the late John Hurt, Catherine Deneuve and Melissa Leo. Our clients have included Oscar winners, Academy Award nominees, EMMY winners, BAFTA nominees, BAFTA winners and those just starting out.

Oscar Films

We create publicity campaigns for Oscar Films and have a proven success rate. Films we have worked with have been nominated for and won multiple Academy Awards.

2018 Academy Award for Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton’s ‘The Silent Child’

2018 Oscar nomination for Kevin Wilson Jr.’s ‘My Nephew Emmett’

2018 Oscar nomination for Katja Benrath and Tobias Rosen’s ‘Watu Wote’

2017 Academy Award for Kristóf Deák’s ‘Sing’

2017 Oscar nomination for Juanjo Gimenez’s ‘Timecode’

2016 Academy Award for Benjamin Cleary’s ‘Stutterer’

2016 Oscar nomination for Patrick Volrath’s ‘Everything Will Be Okay’

2015 Oscar nomination for He Wei’s ‘Butter Lamp’

Some of the publications we work with:

As well as entertainers we specialise in publicity for red carpet events… click on ‘Events’ for more information.

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Personal publicity | International publicity campaigns | British publicity campaigns | American publicity campaigns | Film festivals | Launch events | Event signings | Press junkets | Film fremieres | Red carpet launches | Film press screenings | Film releases – we provide publicity at any stage in a film’s life, from unit publicity through to UK or US theatrical distribution and home entertainment | OSCAR, BAFTA and Emmy publicity campaigns | Films in film festivals – we handle ongoing campaigns for major international film festivals and at UK/USA festivals

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