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‎”If you want some good ‘ol dirty fun, look no further than Andy and Chaz. Oh, and I want to make out with them.”
Taryn Southern

“The trailer is HYSTERICAL…you are a genius…it’s so funny! 🙂 I love it!”
Michelle Page, Actress

“Absolutely genius…it has all the rights elements of danger, suspense, humor, bad boy Brits coming to La La Land…brilliant!! Really nice work.”
Chrissy Sutphin, Luck Media

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have my music apart of this brilliant, cheeky, and unique series. It’s wonderful to see such drive and determination come to fruition. It’s simply great. I like to believe my music found it’s way to Andy and Chaz for these reasons and I’m thankful for it.”
Alexz Johnson. Musician

Just saw the trailer for Andy and Chaz – fucking A dude!!
Emi Gal, CEO Brainient

Very fun night Darren, Terrific Debut! Sending you and Craig continued success with this and who cannot love crazy boys in Union Jack Boxers, I DARE THEM!  Great seeing you and catching up a bit, enjoy being a US Firecracker this weekend!
Pamela Shae, Casting Director (Melrose Place/Charmed)

Darren Darnborough
Like so many other successful British actors, London-born Darren Darnborough’s career began in the Theatre.  He enjoyed lead roles in numerous new musicals and plays in London’s prestigious theatres, including Riverside Studios and Westminster Theatre, before progressing into film and television.  His love for the other side of the camera led him to graduate from the University of London, in Media Arts.

Darren continued to work in many major commercials campaigns, for well-known brands such as Nestlé’s Golden Grahams, Dr. Pepper and Burger King, and most recently X-box and Jeep.  In his home country, Darren appeared on most of the UK’s primetime TV networks in fan favorites like the UK’s number one soap ‘Eastenders’, hospital drama ‘Holby City’, high rating police drama ‘The Bill’ and ‘Pie in the Sky’.  He also worked throughout Europe, including on projects screening during Cannes Film Festival, which was documented on E! Television in 53 countries worldwide.

A move to Hollywood seemed the natural progression, and just before Darren relocated to the sun, he starred in the award winning ‘Nobody The Great’. This film went on to win multiple awards including the Viewers Voice Award for Best Film at Cinequest,  the UK Film Council’s ‘Breakthrough Brits’ for the director and ‘Best International Film’ at the Bel Air Film Festival.  Darren stars in ‘Andy & Chaz’ the edgy British comedy playing a bumbling British gangster, plays Callum in Season 4 of the huge hit HBO’s ‘True Blood’, and is currently writing feature scripts and television with top Hollywood talent, including a new thriller with Sundance winner Timothy Linh Bui, and co-producing several other projects.  He is also an entrepreneur, having founded internet company www.StuckNetwork.com in 2002. He believes variety is the spice of life, and wants to do as much with his as he possibly can!


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Richard Keith

Richard was born in Panama, and gre up between South Carolina and Georgia. He attended Georgia State University, with a major in photography and a minor in film, and theater. In 1999 he was published in Rolling Stone magazine for the “25 and Under Series” Photographic series.

After Rolling Stone, Richard wanted to stretch his photographic skills into other areas, specifically film. His graduating project in photography was his first feature film “Point and Shoot”. The film circulated through the festival circuit garnering much acclaim and interest. Afterwards Richard moved to Los Angeles to further pursue a career in filmmaking.

His next film was a “Mini Movie” called “Exhibit A”. It attended many festivals, winning several awards along the way. It was also the genesis for 7 Deadly Films, co-operated between Richard Keith and Craig Young. The company was formed in 2003, and has to date produced five scripts, including “Wannabe.” Richard’s second feature. Finished in May 2007, Wannabe debuted at the Boston Film Festival, and also has recently been sold to Warner Brothers Studios, with Marta Kauffman (Creator of Friends) attached as show runner for the TV series version. Wannabe is in the style of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the various Christopher Guest mockumentaries.

Currently Richard has finished the webisodic version of “Andy & Chaz bugger off to America” and is working on a second series called “The Adventures of Dude and Bro”


Craig Robert Young

British born in the city of Nottingham Craig Young got the acting bug at the tender age of 10 and not even into his teens was offered the role of Mark in Barry Hines ‘The Prince of Coal’.  Craig also enjoyed the title role in the fan favorite ‘Oliver’ and was offered a place in a prestigious London Drama School.

Being multi-talented a chance audition changed his career direction for a while and became a member of the pop band ‘Deuce’. In a short time this popular group scored no less than 4 top ten British hits, a top twenty album and appearances on the UK’s number one music show ‘Top of The Pops’.  Craig’s talent and charm were in such demand he headlined on this show 7 times, became the face of MTV UK, hosted the hugely successful show ‘Select’ and the UK’s number one morning show GMTV (the UK version of the today show).

Stepping back into his love for acting Craig was snapped up to play the sexy villain on the UK’s award winning show ‘Dream Team’, being a huge hit with the fans Craig played Alex for 76 episodes!

Of course with so much success Hollywood was soon calling, so Craig moved across the pond and met his long time manager Louisa Spring.  Craig immediately starred in a plethora of shows including MTV’s ‘Spyder Games’, ‘S Club 7’, ‘Charmed’, ‘The District’, and ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’. Missing the thrill of treading the boards Craig joined the British theatre company called ‘Nomad’ where he performed in the plays ‘The body’ and ‘Red Star.’ and ‘Boise, USA’.

USA’ TV Pilots followed on ‘Zoey 101′ playing Jamie Lynn Spears’ mentor.  Showing his writing skills Craig took pen to paper writing and starring in a movie called ‘Wannabe’, this exciting film was bought by Warner Brothers and later developed in to a TV Pilot with Marta Kaufman (The creator of Friends)

The ever popular ‘Lost’ soon followed which was the first of many J.J. Abrahms shows he has appeared in. Craig also starred in all episodes of ‘Just For Kicks’ The Whoopi Goldberg produced show for Nickelodeon garnering great reviews for the role of Coach Moore. Craig has stayed in demand with movie roles in the Horror classic ‘Slaughter’ for Lionsgate, and ‘A Numbers Game’ alongside Steven Bauer, the TV Shows ‘What about Brian’ (JJ. Abrahms), David Mamet’s show ‘The Unit’, the remake of ‘Melrose Place’, and the fan favorite ‘Alfred Hoffman’ in JJ’ Abrahms Hit Sci Fi show ‘Fringe’’.

Recently Craig enjoyed a recurring role on ABC Family’s ’10 Things I Hate About You’ playing Frank Kline. A lead role in the movie “Return to the Hiding Place’ Opposite John-Rhys Davies (premiered at this years Cannes Film Festival, scheduled to be released this fall) and in January treaded the boards again in ‘Me, as a penguin’ Written by Tom Wells. The Play makes it’s North American debut in January 2011. Craig is also a recurring character on the upcoming season of the Hit CBS show NCIS: Los Angeles.

Despite his crazy work schedule, Craig has even found some time to create a business called ‘Brits in LA’ an online social community for British ex-pats in LA.


Andy & Chaz Bugger Off To America

“Going straight has never been so crooked”

US “Andy & Chaz is what would happen if you put ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ in a blender.”
UK: “Andy & Chaz is what would happen if you put ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ in a blender, with a little twist of Del Boy and Rodney.”


The Series

“Andy & Chaz” is an edgy and raucous gangster comedy created by Richard Keith, Darren Darnborough & Craig Robert Young.

Two bumbling British gangsters end up on the lam in America, after accidentally killing their boss’ right-hand man.

Andy has a plan to go straight, while Chaz simply can’t help but be crooked, which usually ends up with disastrous results.

The stars’ acting credits include TRUE BLOOD, NCIS, CSI, HOUSE, FRINGE, LOST & THE UNIT



Craig is an accomplished actor and producer from the UK, now causing mayhem in Hollywood. A former popstar with top 10 hits, his list of crimes now includes top US shows LOST, MELROSE PLACE, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, FRINGE and the upcoming feature film RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE. Craig will be a starring criminal on the nations biggest crime show NCIS: LOS ANGELES at the same time as the Andy & Chaz launch, with 9m viewers, making him one of the most profilic naughty boys out there. For more evidence, Google him.


Darren is a more recent fugitive in Hollywood, having appeared in the UK’s top TV shows EASTENDERS, THE BILL and HOLBY CITY as various criminals, and even the Bel-Air Film Fest award-winner NOBODY THE GREAT as a ginger terrorist. Now writing, acting and producing in LA, he will be featured on the cult hit show TRUE BLOOD the week that Andy & Chaz launches, ironically in his first non-criminal role ever. More evidence on Google too.


The beautifully twisted mind of Richard has been making people laugh for over a decade, particularly with his festival hit WANNABE, and his work on major features including WALK THE LINE, and the criminally funny upcoming ADVENTURES OF DUDE & BRO. More evidence on IMDb.com

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