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Karl Oskarsson

Karl graduated from London International Film School and then worked freelance in Iceland shooting feature films and commercials. Three years later he set up Frost Films in Reykjavik. In 1991 he won the Best Photography Award at the Nordic Commercial Film Festival and then went on to carve out a reputation in the Scandinavian market, shooting top end commercials and music videos.

Karl has filmed a number of features in his native Iceland since graduating from the London International Film School. His most recent feature, 3 Seasons in Hell, directed by Tomas Masin featured heavily on the festival circuit, aided by Karl winning the Czech Lion Awards 2010 for best Cinematographer.

Alan Munden

Production Designer

Alan Munden is a film and theatre designer and producer based in Cornwall. Working from his barge on the Penryn river he has been the production designer on numerous short films as well as the feature film Dressing Granite, directed by Bill Scott.

As a freelance art director he has set up production facilities for clients including Pulse films and the Science museum. His theatre work includes designing and building over twenty shows for the Miracle Theatre opera and drama and the English Touring Opera.

Alan has been lead designer at the Eden Project and has furniture by him in public spaces all over Cornwall. When interesting work wears thin Alan has been known to build a kitchen or two.

Richard Cottle
Music Composer

Born in Swansea, South Wales, Richard comes from a musical family and started his career at the tender age of four, performing in variety shows with his family.

After moving to London in 1978 it wasn’t long until Richard was in high demand as a session keyboard player and stage musician. His recording credits include work with Eric Clapton, Seal, Rod Stewart, Manic Street Preachers, Sade, Paul Young and Tina Turner – only to name a few. Richard spent a year on David Bowie’s Spider Glass World Tour before joining Mick Jagger’s band for their live tour in America and Japan.

Alongside his playing career Richard works as a music composer for radio and television. Having collaborated musically with Elfar before, Richard was delighted when asked to write the score for Sailcloth. The music was recorded in Pinewood studios with players from The London Telefilmonic Orchestra – an outfit that Richard has developed a great relationship with, having worked with them on many recording sessions in the past.

Emrhys Cooper, Ian Buchanan StarCam Interviews… por starcam

Wreaking havoc on the above three is the sensational and utterly appealing Cooper, whose L.A. stage debut as Mr. Sloane provides the young Brit with a terrific showcase for his tiptop acting chops, crackerjack comic timing, and irresistible sex-appeal. Lighting up the stage from his first entrance, Cooper simply couldn’t be better at bringing Orton’s amoral psychopath to seductive, occasionally violent, always captivating life.
StageScene LA

The cast is superb. Cooper is a sensual treat as Sloane, who is at his most volatile when any obstacle stands in his way.

Emrhys Cooper lacks the experience of his veteran co-stars, but his coy easiness on stage and physical attractiveness makes him the consummate object of their attention.

“Entertaining Mr. Sloane” boasts impressive performances from it’s fine cast. Emrhys Cooper shines as Sloane in a sexually charged, nuanced portrayal.
Hollywood Revealed

Emrhys Cooper, as the manipulative Mr. Sloane, is adorable and ironically sincere. Cooper’s acting is bold and terraced and raw. This performance is, apparently, Cooper’s Los Angeles debut, and rather than simply fit into a community of seasoned theatrical pros, Cooper is poised to raise the bar.
The Examiner

Emrhys Cooper as Sloane sizzles with steamy boyish sensuality! 
Tolucan Times

Emrhys Cooper is perfectly cast for the title role of Mr Sloane and handles the huge task of portraying con artist/ flirt/chancer/bully/opportunist and murderer spectacularly well.
The Angelo Files

Cooper is every inch that man, with his irresistible Jude-Law looks and pan-sexual appeal.
Frontiers Magazine

“You know that a character such as Mr.Sloan comes to life when an actor truly understands the intricacy and complexity of his mind..in this case Emrhys Cooper not only understood him but lived the character making us all believe he truly was Mr. Sloan beyond the stage. So much so that I still question whether or not he is Mr. Sloan resurrected from 1964 through him. ”
Splash Magazine

John Hurt Biography
John Hurt is one of Britain’s most legendary actors with a prolific career spanning decades across the stage and screen, earning him to Oscars nominations for Midnight Express (1978) and as the disfigured John Merrick in David Lynch’s dark masterpiece The Elephant Man (1980). His most iconic film roles include Quentin Crisp in The Civil Servant (1975), An Englishman in New York (2009), the character impregnated by parasite in Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979). During the course of his career John has won many accolades including 3 BAFA’s and a Golden Globe. John was awarded a CBE in 2004 for services to arts and drama.

Other notable film credits include Watership Down (1978), Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), The Hit (1984), Scandal (1989), Hellboy II (2008), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (2010) and Part II (2011) and the upcoming Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011).

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