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The Brilliant Restaurant is located in old Southall and specialises in North Indian Punjabi cuisine with a Kenyan slant. Currently The Brilliant has 250 seats and boasts a Banqueting Suite for 120 guests. Brilliant is also uniquely licensed to hold Civil Marriages and also operates an Outdoor Catering Service for specialist events.

The Brilliant Restaurant is located in Southall, on Western Road and opened in 1975, although its background represents 150 years of catering experience and expertise. The first Brilliant Restaurant, Hotel and Nightclub opened in Kenya (Nairobi) in the early fifties. The Brilliant establishments in Kenya were opened by Bishen Dass Anand who was known to be the King of all Chefs during that time in Africa. Bishen Dass groomed his sons in the running of the Restaurant business and they worked hard alongside their father to learn all needed to run a successful business. Soon after the loss of their father, the family moved to Southall in West London and two of Bishen Dass’s son’s, Gulu and Kewal Anand decided to re-launch The Brilliant Restaurant in London where they were proud to carry on the ‘Brilliant’ name, tradition and recipes. The Brilliant started off as a 36 seat restaurant when it opened 37 years ago and ever since has extended several times in both size and reputation as the business has grown organically.

brochure 263The food served at The Brilliant is authentic North Indian Punjabi food with Kenyan influences also seen on the menu and each of the dishes has a unique flavour, taste and texture and is cooked to perfection. At the heart of the business is devotion to authentic, fresh and superbly prepared food. The Management and staff do everything they can to ensure that those who chose to dine at the restaurant have a ‘Brilliant’ time. That often means doing immensely more than simply cooking. The motive of the restaurant is not just to serve the customer, but to ensure the customer leaves with a smile, happy and satisfied with one thought in mind “we shall be back at The Brilliant very soon”. Customer at the Brilliant, are more than just diners, when they come to the restaurant, they become part of the ‘Brilliant’ family. This together with the high standards of food is what keeps guests coming back.

On numerous occasions the Brilliant Management team has been asked to open branches in various parts of London and also abroad. Although it is felt the Brilliant would be extremely successful if this route was taken, this route has not been taken for one simple reason. If customers want to come to The Brilliant, they shall travel the distance and make the effort to visit no matter how far the Brilliant is, because The Brilliant is now known to be an institution in Southall.

The Brilliant is a family run establishment which is now in its third generation. Gulu’s (Chairman) children, Dipna and Shanker are now the forefront of the business, eagerly brining in new concepts, ideas and innovations. After Brilliant’s success on Channel 4’s ‘Ramsay’s Best Restaurant’ series, where the restaurant was voted as one of ‘Ramsay’s Best’ and after being visited by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the popularity of the Brilliant has risen to new heights resulting in greater customer demand within the restaurant itself and Outdoor Catering services provided for by the company. Recently The Brilliant restaurant has launched the new venture of offering Indian cookery courses which take place on the weekends and these are proving to be extremely popular. The cookery courses are accredited by The University of West London and are described as customers to be fun, exciting and informative.

The Brilliant has won The British Curry Award for ‘Best Indian Restaurant in London suburbs’ for 4 consecutive years and has also been awarded a special award from The Good Food Guide. The Brilliant can be found in all major food guides and is often reviewed by National and International Magazines and newspapers.

Brilliant’s reputation circulates among British Monarchy, Bollywood and Hollywood, Politicians and Industrialists to name but a few. Brilliant success is due to creating tastes of the palette which have delighted generations from all over the world. We look forward to welcoming and delighting you also.

She’s a woman on a mission – a mission to prove that Indian food can be tasty and good for you at the same time. And if anyone can succeed in this mission, it’s Dipna Anand…

As the third generation of a family of chefs, Dipna has cooking in her blood. For almost 40 years, her family’s restaurant, the Brilliant, has served traditional Punjabi cuisine of the highest order – praised by everyone from Prince Charles to Gordon Ramsay, who named the Brilliant one of his ‘Best Restaurants’ for his Channel 4 TV show.

Now Dipna is taking the restaurant to new heights, building on those authentic recipes with ones of her own, which focus on healthy ingredients and low-fat cooking techniques. It’s a pioneering approach that’s set to shake up the world of Indian food.

In this book, Dipna reveals the secrets behind her success. Follow her simple advice, and you too will be producing Brilliant food in no time.

British Curry Award – Special Inspiration

Spice to Go – signature food creation for the chain

National Nutrition Award


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Celebrity Award Winning Chef Dipna Anand

Dipna Anand is an Indian cookery guru who has been on the brink of creating new and exciting Indian healthy recipes which she has also put on the menu at her father’s award-winning restaurant in Southall, The Brilliant. Her A-Level food technology project on low-fat Indian cookery earned her top marks and won her a National award from The British Nutrition Foundation as the best project in the country.

Dipna then studied and gained a first-class honours degree in Hospitality and Catering from The University of West London (formally known as Thames Valley University) and was awarded a post-graduate scholarship. During her scholarship, she began teaching Indian cuisine at the university and soon started lecturing in Catering and Hospitality in 4 colleges and university establishments in and around London which she still carries out today.

Recently Dipna won an award which was announced by the Prime Minister at The British Curry award function in Battersea Park for recognition and contribution to the industry, she is delighted with this honour and says the award has motivated her to strive further and continue climbing the success ladder.

Apart from being a Chef Lecturer and Lecturer in Catering and Hospitality, Dipna is very much part of her father’s restaurant business and helps in the day to day running of the company assisting customers, dealing with requests, devising new recipes, managing admin restaurant duties and carrying out new improvements and innovations to take the restaurant to even more superior heights. Together with this, Dipna is currently writing her very own Indian cookbook which is to be called ‘Cooking the Brilliant Way’ set to be published by the end of 2013. Dipna’s has also ventured out into the product manufacturing market and assisted her father in bottling a range of specialist chutneys and pickles made at the restaurant. The product recipes date back to over 60 years and are now available to customers for purchasing. Dipna’s latest venture is the launch of her cookery courses which started in October 2012. Customers passionate to learn how to cook food just like that offered in Brilliant are now able to take cookery classes at the restaurant on weekends during the afternoon, where they are minded by chef Dipna and also given an insight on the spices used in Punjabi cuisine. Dipna has had to add new dates on to the course calendar as the cookery classes for this year had already sold out.

Dipna believes the secret for her success is hard work, passion and dedication and a ‘can do’ attitude in tasks she carries out. She encourages youngsters to pursue careers in the catering and hospitality industry and feels strongly about the fact that the food industry in the UK needs skilled staff including Managers and Chefs to further increase the success of hospitality and Catering especially in our much loved curry industry. Dipna has watched her father’s successes over the 37 years that the restaurant has been running and says she wants to make her father even more proud of her and will continue to work hard to take her the business even further. Her father’s restaurant, The Brilliant has won the British Curry Award for 4 consecutive years and has been voted as Ramsay’s Best Restaurant for the Channel 4 series. Prince Charles has visited the restaurant twice and it is regularly frequented by many VIPS and celebrities.

Dipna is set to be the woman to transform the perception of Indian food as going hand-in-hand with healthy food. “My mission is to raise the profile of Indian food as healthy food and also to show how quick, easy and simple Indian food really is to make. I believe that to be successful in this sector you need two things, it’s quite a simple formula, passion plus dedication is equal to success and rewards”.

Dipna has recently been approached by a production company to start her own TV cookery show and is looking forward to teach the nation how to cook REAL Indian food.

Judas Ghost

Judas Ghost

Director Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce began making shorts with the family video camera when he was just 12 years old, and he knew from a young age directing is what he wanted to do. One of his first shorts, “I”, was chosen along with 9 others to be screened on BBC 2 in November 2004, as part of the BBC Blast Young Film-maker’s scheme. After finishing college at 18 he went straight into work, entering the industry as a runner, then camera assistant and video assistant. He gained valuable experience working on a series of Digital Shorts for South West Screen in his hometown of Bristol, before he went on to productions such as 2006’s Casino Royale, and the first season of the BBC drama series Lark Rise to Candleford. Simon has directed more than half a dozen short films since and directed his debut feature Shank at the age of just 21 in 2008. The film was released on DVD in the US and UK in November 2009 and has screened in over 60 film festivals around the world. In May 2009 he was awarded the Roger Walker-Dack award for Emerging Talent in Miami.

Judas Ghost is Simon’s second feature and has already found success on the festival circuit, winning Best International Horror at Buffalo Dreams Fantasy Film Festival in November 2013. Simon has a slate of feature films in development, written by his long-time collaborator Chris Marshfield, and has his eyes set on bringing these to the screen in the foreseeable future.

Judas Ghost

Writer Simon R. Green

Simon R. Green

Born 1955 in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, Simon R. Green is a British science fiction and fantasy author. He holds a degree in Modern English and American Literature from the University of Leicester. He began his writing career in 1973, sold his first story ‘Manslayer’ in 1976, and had his first publication, ‘Awake, Awake, Ye Northern Winds’ in 1979. Simon R. Green began his rise to success in 1988 when he sold seven novels and in 1989 when he received a commission to write the bestselling novelisation of the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which has sold more than 370,000 copies. Since 1990, Green has written dozens more novels and short stories, placing him among the more prolific science fiction authors to date.

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