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About Lucy – Anne Holmes

Lucy-Anne Holmes is an actress and writer living in Brighton, campaigning for the end to Page 3.

No More Page 3 is a campaign to stop The Sun from including pictures of topless glamour models on its page 3.

The campaign was started by Lucy-Anne-Holmes in 2012 and has received support from Green MP Caroline Lucas along with

cross party support from over 140 other MPs. It also has the support of many groups and organizations including the National Assembly for Wales, UK Girlguiding, National Union of Teachers, National Association of Head Teachers, the Association of teachers and Lecturers, Unison, the British Youth Council, The Girls Brigade, Rape Crisis, Women’s Aid, End Violence Against Women Coalition, The Everyday Sexism Project, White Ribbon Campaign, Zero Tolerance, Aurora Dawn, Shape your future, The Women’s Room, The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, UK Feminista, Local Mums online, Turn your back on Page 3, Object, Child Eyes, Certain Curtain Theatre and Arts Against Abuse, Body Charity, Say No To Child Abuse, Great Men Value Women, respect UK, The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, Victim No more, Population Matters, the Women’s Sports Trust, Against Violence and Abuse and LIFT.

It’s not that Holmes is a humourless harridan who blanches at the mention of sex. Far from it, she’s a writer of romantic comedies whose characters display a very healthy interest in the subject, and Holmes also used to write a popular blog on her personal life, detailing when and how she was getting her kicks. She grew up in a Sun-reading household in Buckinghamshire and, she stresses, isn’t calling for a ban or censorship – she is asking that the Sun voluntarily stops publishing Page 3.

granted that I was ashamed of my breasts. They arrived at the age of 11 and people around me were commenting on the breasts on Page 3. Men that I looked up to were looking at that newspaper, and for an 11-year- old that was a big deal. Mine didn’t look like that. I carried this shame with me, but you don’t think about it till you get older and wonder, ‘Why do I hate my boobs?’”

“I was brought up with the Sun and would always look at it when I was young. It has bright pictures of pop stars and my brother always said it’s the best paper for sport. For lots of people the Sun has always been there and they don’t think about it. But it has an effect. I just took it for

About feminism…:

“In the past feminism has sounded academic. It was for people talking on Newsnight, and I wasn’t comfortable in the rhetoric, wasn’t comfortable talking about it. When I was writing my blog, I was writing about feminism, but I didn’t know it was feminism at the time. I wasn’t schooled in feminist theory and had probably absorbed a negative view of it because the media has done such a hatchet job.

But with things like the Everyday Sexism project, it’s easy to talk about your experiences, and it’s clear, so that’s powerful. A lot of people might not have felt comfortable using the term feminism, but they will talk about sexism because we all know it when we see it. I don’t want to sound patronising, because I’m talking about myself here. But now I’m proud to call myself a feminist because it’s what has given us the everyday rights we have.”

About Nick Lancaster

Nick Lancaster is a white British actor living in Birmingham. He performs in numerous films and series but also as a versatile presenter and voice over in much famous advertisement, as Chess Telecom, Tyresassist or even for Global Filmmakers Christmas Offers 2013. Thanks to his faculty to take several accents, Nick plays many different roles (African, American, Australian, French, German, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish….) Moreover he speaks Portuguese and French perfectly.

He works for famous media as BBC, Nexi TV, Arrow media TV, but also for Two Hats Theatre Company or the Palace Theatre, and several productions companies, which underlines Nick’s potential.

That’s for all his qualities, Nick could be the perfect partner for Lucy.

Nick’s credits example:




  • Television, Flight Engineer Clifford Cummings, 747 THE PLANETHAT CHANGED THE WORLD, Arrow Media TV, Chris Spencer
  • Television, Steve the Angry Dad, CITIZEN KHAN S2E2, BBC, Nick Wood
  • Television, PC Nyland, FATHER BROWN SERIES 2, BBC, MattCarter
  • Television, German Ambassador, DANCING ON THEEDGE, BBC, Stephen Poliakoff

Television, Officer Eberhardt, DOCTORS WWI

FLASHBACK , BBC, Niall Fraser

Television, Dimitri, THE GAME, BBC, Niall MacCormick

© Vanessa Pellegrin 2014 The trouble with the F word



  • Film, Jak Croce, FRACTURED, Time Lapse Films, Tom Davies2010
  • Film, Colin, GET IT TO THE IKAN, Remedy Productions, JamesStoneley2009
  • Short Film, Commissar Yuri Andreev, NO ORDINARYWAR, Goodnesslovemore Productions, Ben Pemberton2008
  • Short Film, Wheeler, RED ONE PROMO SHOOT, FridgeProductions, Dan Jones
  • Feature Film, Soviet Guard / Police Sergeant, SCHRODINGERSGIRL, Entaglement Productions, Huw Boden2007
  • Short Film, Lab Assistant, MINISTRY OF SECRETS, Entaglement Productions, Chris Pinches2006
  • Feature Film, Portuguese Farmer, THE 13TH DAY, The 13th DayFilms, Natasha Howes

Vanessa Pellegrin: Producer/ Director

Born in France in 1986 and raised in Morocco, Vanessa started to work as a Journalist and became specialized in investigations and reports about current affairs, political conflicts and social issues. First in press and then in TV and broadcast. She came to live in London in 2009 and started to work in Film Production. She Produced and Directed her first film about the influence of Corporations on the freedom of the media and the press, ‘Ownership Rules’ between 2011 and 2012. Since then, she got involved in the production of short films such as ‘Abramacabre’ by Dominic

Rossetti (2013) and ‘Nasty’ (2014) by the award winning director Prano Bailey-Bond.

Beverley Morisson: Producer

Beverley is a Scottish Senior producer, writer and journalist. She worked at STV Group for eight years and successfully contributed to the development of TV series such as “The Ice Cream Machine” in (2005). Beverley has an Extensive background in news and documentary, as well as children’s, drama and corporate production. She produced and directed location and studio based shows. She also has managed large production teams.

She is the 2011 IVCA Award winner (at Inside Job

Productions) thanks to the promotional drama for Barclays CSR and NACRO which is currently used within the educational services of UK prisons., She conceived and produced UK’s first original mobile video drama series (CJAQ) and was a BAFTA Scotland Judge

(documentary/current affairs) between 2002 and 2003.

The Trouble with the F Word

Lucy lives with Nick but they can’t stand each over: Lucy is a feminist activist whereas Nick is a so called ‘traditional lad’. Nick thinks Lucy hates men and doesn’t understand what feminism is all about and Lucy doesn’t understand why Nick hates this ideology and thinks he is a chauvinistic pig. To create a dialogue between them, they have to go through a challenge: Nick will train to become a feminist activist and Lucy will spend a journey into the anti feminist world. Through the He for she campaign set up by Emma Watson to the pro Men’s rights campaigners, lets together found out if there will be still a trouble with the F word.

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