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Writers: Lorenzo Sportiello, Claudio Corbucci, Francesco Cioce

Cinematography: Ferran Parades

Film Editing: Giuseppe Trepiccione

Production Design: Fabrizio D’Arpino

Music: Lorenzo Sportiello, Alex Campedelli

Executive Producer: Gianfranco Pierantoni

Production Manager: Carlo Corbucci

Production Supervisor: Camilla Fava del Piano

1st AD: Antonio Silvestre

Simon Merrells (Kurt)

He is KURT. British actor, with a prolific stage career with such prestigious organizations as the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2012, he played in The WOLFMAN with Anthony Hopkins and Benicio del Toro. On television he became well-known in SPARTACUS:WAR OF THE DAMNED interpreting Marcus Licinius Crassus, the main antagonist. In 2014, he played a major role in THE TOMORROW PEOPLE.

Ularu Ana (Eve)

She is the female lead Eve. Co-protagonist in SERENA of Susanne Bier with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper,
 she began acting at nine in the thriller by Claude-Michel Rome MEURTRES PAR PROCURATION. Since then, she has worked in more than 20 films including Cristian Mungiu’s LOST AND FOUND and TURKEY GIRL, and YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH by Francis Ford Coppola. In 2012, Ana receives the Shooting Star Award at La Berlinale with OUTBOUND.

Antonia Lísková (Susan)

Slovak, she moved to Italy where she began a career as a successful actress in numerous television dramas. On the silver screen, she won numerous awards and nominations including the David di Donatello Awards and the Italian Golden Globe. She was voted Best Actress for the film SHELTER by Marco S. Puccioni at the Annecy Film Festival.


Sportiello Lorenzo was born in 1978 in Italy, where he had a degree in film directing at the National Film School Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Cinecittà. As a writer, he attended international workshops at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and at the Apulia Film Commission in Italy.

Newly graduated, he focuses on music videos and commercials. His clients includes MTV, SKY, EMI Recordings, Warner Bros, Microsoft, BMW. In 2009 his promo TOIVE for Vladislav Delay is published in various international magazines including The New Yorker and Shots. In 2008 he was commissioned WANNABE A FILMMAKER by MTV Italy, which becomes the first Italian web series.

Between 2005 and 2008 he directed seven short films, boasting participation in major international festivals including the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Taormina International Film Festival, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Genova Film Festival, the Next Reel Film Festival in Singapore.

In 2006 he was in competition at the 63rd Mostra del Cinema di Venezia with the short film FIB1477.

In 2009, his graduation short film STAIN-BLOOD EYES is awarded as Best Film at RIFF.

INDEX ZERO is his debut film.



In the near future Kurt (Simon Merrells) and Eve (Ularu Ana) were born over the Great Wall of the United States of Europe, in the abandoned lands after the global economic crisis laid waste to them. Eve is pregnant, and in order to provide a future for their child, they decide to enter Europe illegally.

They face a long and desperate journey through the dry lands ending in a claustrophobic tunnel secretly dug under the Great Barrier. They get through only only to be captured by the waiting Immigration police. They are confined to a Temporary Detention Centre where they are traumatically forced to separate .

In the United States of Europe an ‘Index of Sustainability’ is imposed on every citizen, calculated on their potential productivity and well being. Practically, it divides them in classes, deciding who can survive and who will die.

According to the Index system,Kurt is “potentially sustainable”, with a chance to achieve the ‘Index Zero’ which will confirm him as a European citizen. Eve however, is considered unsustainable, and awaits deportation beyond the borders.

In the new Europe natural pregnancy is outlawed and artificial wombs are used to give women 9 months extra productivity. Incarcerated and seemingly powerless, Kurt decides not to bow to events. He will not give up on her.


In the near future, KURT and EVE were born over the United States of Europe barrier, in the abandoned lands after the great global economic crisis. She is pregnant and, in order to provide a future for their child, they try to enter Europe illegally. In this world, an ‘Index of Sustainability’ is given to every citizen, calculated on their personal productivity and wellbeing. Here a pregnant woman is considered ‘not sustainable’ and she must to be expelled.


2035, United States of Europe. Some humans are not sustainable anymore.

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