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Gangsters Gamblers and Geezers

Gangsters Gamblers and Geezers

Gangsters Gamblers and Geezers


Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers is story about two lovable losers, Krish and Lee who get fired from their call centre jobs. After spending all their money in a crazy month of partying, they have no money to pay to Olu, their Nigerian landlord. Olu gives the boys 48 hours to pay their rent or else ‘things will get biblical’. With the clock ticking, the boys are forced to embark on an adventure that sees them get involved with two warring London gangsters, a gang of money laundering gypsies, a terrorist gang, a cross dressing dwarf and much, much more!

A series of misunderstandings lead to Krish and Lee being named the most dangerous men in Europe, with the Mi5 and Scotland Yard hot on their tails. The boys need to find a way to escape the mayhem and find the money to pay their rent. After numerous ups and downs, the boys get their money and their dream girls and learn an important lesson that it is hard work as opposed to elaborate ‘get rich quick’ schemes that get them everything they want in the end.

Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers has a jaw dropping array of stars:

Jodie Marsh (INBF champion), Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten), Richard Blackwood (Eastenders, Anuvahood), Ayden Callaghan (Hollyoaks), Dave Courtney (Hell to Pay) Jessica Jane Stafford (Real Hustle), Tiny Iron (Anuvahood), Rahul Kolhi (iZombie) Richie Campbell (Anuvaood) and music stars: Big Narstie, Shizzio, Tempa T, Metz n Trix & Nyomi Grey.

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Director Balazs Juszt

Balazs began directing musicals and plays in high school at the American International School of Budapest and directed his first music video at the age of seventeen. The same summer, he translated the Harper Book of Quotations to Hungarian and interned in the U.S. House of Representatives where he wrote speeches for the late Congressman Tom Lantos (D). Balazs later wrote a comic autobiography about his experience there, which was published in Hungary. This scored him the head writer position on Félszázadunk, a retro comedy series about when he was 18.

Balazs received a BSc Economics from Royal Holloway, University of London and during his studies, completed the Management Training Program at Phillip Morris in the Corporate Communications Department. While at undergrad, he worked as a bartender, a DJ and a bank clerk.

Balazs studied film producing under Academy Award-winning Cathy Schulman and received an MFA in Producing from UCLA. He was an assistant director to Oscar- winning director István Szabó on his movie Relatives.

He has directed numerous music videos, commercials and TV series in English, Hungarian, German, Hebrew, Arabic and Italian.
He has worked for Skyfilm as VP of Development from the age of 22, where he oversaw development and sales and was the executive producer of Gábor Herendi’s third movie Lora, and directed and produced the comic series Valami Hungary, the spinoff of Hungary’s cult sensation, Valami Amerika. He also directed Experidance – The Legend of Dance, a 12-episode TV series when he was 24.

He left Skyfilm for Beacon International, a TV production company, where he produced dozens of prime time television shows and developed and sold formats at numerous trade shows.

He began writing feature screenplays and selling them to several production companies in Los Angeles. Later, he opted to move into directing.

He directed The Kiss Goodnight, a comedic short about anxieties. His no-speaking film, It Happened in TLV opened the Jewish Summer Festival in Hungary. His third short, Split Perfect was picked up in Cannes by OriGine Films and has travelled the festival circuit from Sarajevo through Barcelona, Bogota and the LA Shorts Fest and also had a limited theatrical run in Los Angeles.

He built the financing from strictly equity for his feature debut, The Man Who Was Thursday, which he wrote and directed.


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