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Running Eagle Film Reviews

“If anyone tries to convince you that there’s not enough time in a short film to tell you a powerful story with rich characterisation, you need to point them towards this one.”Garbage File

“A great short film.”OC Movie Reviews

“There is hope that this could be a feature in the future which would be interesting to see how it plays out.”Vulture Hound

“A Wandering Girl’s Odyssey Of Returning Home” – The London Tree

“Running Eagle is definitely worth watching as it is a high-powered work from Konrad Tho Fielder”.View of the Arts

Chris King – Director

Chris King is a multiple award winning filmmaker and three-time NorCal Emmy nominated television writer/producer. His feature-length and short screenplays have garnered national attention in The Nicholl Fellowship, the Chesterfield Film Project, Fade In Magazine and HBO’s Project Greenlight. Chris has made one feature length film and nine short films since graduating from film school at Cal State Long Beach.

“Touching Down”, his debut (feature) film, received numerous film festival awards and nominations. His subsequent short films have played at over 80 film festivals, have been seen in over 125 cities in 90 countries, and have played internationally on the ShortsHD Channel. “Rachel” and “The Killing of Mary Surratt” are his most successful short films to date. Combined, they have played in over 130 cities in 40 countries. “Rachel” was only one of two US short films chosen for the prestigious Manhattan Short Film Festival, and lead actress Kelly Nixon won Best Actress at VisionFest New York the following week…the first time in the festival’s history that award went to an actor in a short instead of a feature. “The Killing of Mary Surratt”, about the first woman executed by the federal government for her role in the Lincoln assassination, was later picked up for distribution by the Surratt House Museum in Maryland, Ford’s Theatre National Museum in Washington DC, and law libraries around the country.

His more recent dramatic short films, “Proposal” and “Happiness”, ended their film festival runs garnering numerous awards and nominations. “Birthday” and “Pipe Dream: the Unlikely Success of Carol Burnett” are his latest short films.

Chris and his co-producer/co-writer wife Heather reside in Roseville, California with their two daughters.

The film stars award-winning actors Stephen Friedrich (MTV’s Sweet/Vicious) and Theodora Woolley (The Night Before).  

It also stars Vasile Flutur (Briefcase), Steve Quimby (Red) and Kalen J Hall (New York 2150)

Philip A. Ramos Writer/Director.

Philip A. Ramos graduated from NYU and went on to work as a Production Coordinator for Blockbuster films like Bourne Ultimatum, TracersWar of the Worlds and hit TV shows such as Mysteries of Laura and Sex and the City.

Danielle Merlis and John Kaefer
Music and Theme Music.

The Kidnapping of a Fish music is by Danielle Merlis and the Theme Music is by John Kaefer.

John D. Hay Jr
, Producer.

The Kidnapping of a Fish is Produced by John D. Hay Jr, who is also a writer/director on the short Attempt to Rise and the web series Work in Progress.

Patrick Phillips
Director of Photography.

The Director of Photography is award winning and VCU graduate Patrick Phillips. Together, John and Patrick formed Team Biscuit Films.

The Kidnapping of a Fish, which was made with a four person crew, is an official selection for:

– The Hollyshorts Film Festival (where only 7.5 percent of 3000 entries were chosen)
– Middle Coast Film Festival
– Brightside Tavern Film Festival (along with 6 nominations)
– Long Island International Film Expo (where it received awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Cinematography and Honorable Mention for Best Supporting Actor)
– Maine International Film Festival
– Big Island Film Festival
– Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival (with 4 nominations and a Best Director win)
– Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival
– The Ouchy Film Awards (Switzerland) (winning Best Short)
– The Cannes Film Festival!

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