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Alison Winter as Divine White
Alison is an English writer, producer and actress.

Originally from Reading, Berkshire, Alison studied and acted with the renowned Progress Theatre for the most part of her youth until her move to London to study Drama and Film at Brunel University, West London. She discovered her passion and talent for singing at the Edinburgh Festival, on tour with The National Youth Music Theatre.

In 2005, Alison wrote and produced her first stage play on the London fringe. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008 after securing theatrical representation and has continued to pursue a variety of her own projects.

In 2010, Alison formed her own production company, Relative Dimension Productions, incorporating Film, TV and New Media projects. Divine White is the maiden voyage…

Divine White – Mystic Mentor and Acting Therapist Divine White wants nothing more than to bring the human spirit a little further along its journey. With a substantial background in the industry spanning several decades, Divine is more than qualified to prepare her British students for the cultural and professional adjustments they need to make in La La Land. She merely asks for your trust, so that she can be free to work her magic and transform you into a happy, successful person.



Kelly McNair as Dawn Jagger
Kelly McNair was born and raised right here in the US of A. With a BFA in Theatre and a Masters in Psychology, she works in Los Angeles in television, commercials, and incessant head-shrinking. Her television work includes Without a Trace, Medium, The West Wing, The X-Files, 7th Heaven, JAG, and dozens of national commercials.

Hailing from Alabama, Kelly is passionate about ginger equality and watermelons. She spends her free time in the car, like any good Angeleno, and she is drafting plans for her retirement home made entirely of cheese. She is proud to be an American.

Dawn JaggerDivine’s reluctant assistant Dawn provides the British newcomers with a living breathing example of an actress living and working in Hollywood. When she’s not auditioning, filming or drinking, Dawn is on hand for extra support and advice.



Laura Waddell as Jane Tyler

British actress Laura Waddell, began her theatrical career early, performing in numerous productions from the age of 5. She went on to appear in the BBC TV drama series ‘The Biz!’, in the role of a saxophone playing, stage school girl! Beating off the competition, she won a scholarship to attend and train at East 15 Acting School. Upon graduating Laura went straight into the theatre.

Her extensive theatre credits include being directed by Samuel West in Top Girls and Elegies at The Fortune Theatre, both in London’s prestigious West End. Other roles include Ophelia in Hamlet in the UK tour and numerous other productions.

After attracting the attention of US agents, she moved to LA where she has worked on several shorts and features and has just finished shooting the new Lifetime movie ‘William and Kate’. She will also be starring in the upcoming feature film ‘Shattered Mind’ which will be shooting summer 2011.

Jane Tyler – Jane has a business plan. She takes her career very seriously, which is why she wants to dive in and get going. But Divine is keen for Jane to expand her ’emotionality’ by digging deep into her unresolved issues. Will the pragmatic Jane be able to handle it?


Larry Nemecek as Caleb McCoy
A native of Norman, Oklahoma, Larry Nemecek has spent his life in media: from 15 years in daily news in his home state to a career as author, consultant and interviewer/producer in the Star Trek franchise—and a move to the Los Angeles area in 1994.

Both paths had roots in his BA with High Honors in theatre and communications from East Central Oklahoma State, an MA in Theatre/Directing from the University of Kansas, and roles in university and local theatre including Grandpa Vanderhof in “You Can’t Take It With You,” Jamie Cregan in “A Touch of the Poet,” and Antonio in “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Now it’s acting and other talking-head opportunities that are back on his radar, as well as a looming documentary to produce—but his football loyalties safely remain as a Sooner born and Sooner bred.

Caleb McCoy – A networking genius, Caleb never misses the chance to inspire new actors in LA. An old friend of Divine’s, he happily provides the students with the do’s and don’t’s of networking, before holding a five-star social mixer event just for them, complete with premier quality name tags.


Frazer Douglas as Keith Wilson
In the last ten years British actor Frazer Douglas has appeared in a wide range of successful British television series including MI-5, Red Cap and Dream Team as well as in films, the most recent being the psychological thriller Anaphylaxis opposite Katia Winter.

As well as working extensively in television and film, Frazer was also the co-founder of London-based comedy group Anything But The Truth until he moved to Los Angeles in 2010 where he now lives and works. Frazer is currently filming Operation Terror, a feature film based on the September 11th attacks on New York.

Keith Wilson – Hollywood’s ‘Mister Marketing’ takes time out of his busy schedule to enlighten our actors as to how best to market themselves. It’s his job to help each of them tap into what they have to offer that sets them apart from the crowd. Why would he buy you?


Damien Blackshaw as Robert Horatio Drummond-Smythe

Damien studied at the London Academy of Performing Arts, where he received a full scholarship, for three years.
Since graduation he has appeared in professional theatrical productions, including a seven month tour of Germany, as well as many commercials, corporate/industrial videos and films in the U.S.A., Australia and the U.K.. In September 2010 he completed one of the lead roles in the feature film ‘Suite 101′.
He has also written and directed several plays and a short film.

Robert Horatio Drummond-Smythe – Robert came into acting at the tender age of 7, when his father cast him as Little Lord Lumley in the BBC drama, “Gooseberry Park”. Since then, Robert has been determined to prove his independence from his famous family and establish himself as an actor in his own right.


Mary Wells as Emma Jones
Mary Wells trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and then did theatre for 12 years in the UK and Europe. She first came to the US to the Mark Taper with french classic, The Red Balloon. She returned later that year with a solo show, Martha for the Annenberg Centre, toured to the Kennedy centre and the New Victory on Broadway, and the International showcase in Philidelphia where it won the Victor Award.
She worked as a series recurring on BBC’s ‘ Half Moon Investigates’ and narrated BBC3’s TV show, My Childhood which won a Scottish BAFTA. Her last visit to the US was courtesy of the Smithsonian with Cuhulainn the hound of Ulster and she was then invited to join the rep company in Honolulu theatre for a year in 2008, playing Aerial in the Little Mermaid. Since then, she has been living, writing and working in London and Los Angeles.

Her first feature was Elena Undone here in LA and she has just wrapped ‘A Perfect Ending.’ Out soon are Meth Head, a feature shot here in LA with Lucas Haas, Necar Zadegan and Alexis Arquette, and A Perfect Ending with John Heard and Barbara Niven and Don’t Change the Subject, a documentary by Mike Stutz.

Emma Jones – Theatre trained Emma is most comfortable playing powerful Shakespearean women. She commits fully to Divine’s revolutionary techniques for body and voice, but is perhaps more perplexed by the marketing and networking aspects of Hollywood.



JR May as James Noble

US born English actor JR May has been steadily working on both stage and screen since graduating from the prestigious Richmond Drama School in London. Trained by David Whitworth and recent BAFTA winner Tom Hardy, he has been consistently cast in leading roles in notable productions such as Much Ado About Nothing, Julius Caesar, The Seagull and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which he starred as Lysander winning rave reviews in the UK press.
It was his performance in the latter which won him the lead in the English drama Four Guys a performance lauded for it’s commitment. Upcoming projects include a role in HBO’s Treme and he has recently been cast in Othello alongside Clarke Peters and Dominic West.

James Noble – James may have been an elephant in a previous life, as he discovers during one of Divine’s profound transcendental classes. Slightly starstruck by LA and the set of Desperate Housewives, James develops in leaps and bounds on Divine’s course. By the end, he’s a tower of confidence.


Elizabeth Adamczyk as Louise Harkness
Elizabeth Adamczyk was born in Aberdeen and brought up in Lossiemouth a small fishing village in the north coast of Scotland, she has one brother and one sister both younger. From a young age Elizabeth always wanted to live in warmer climates, with dreams of California and Hollywood she has always been a day dreamer.

After spending over six years at dance school three of which were full time dance in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Highland amongst others she also had musical theater training Elizabeth felt it was time to move to London to pursue her career. She then spent five years living all over London continuing dance training and ensuing television and film roles, she then decided that her heart was in movies and television industry and was to then focus on becoming an actress.

Elizabeth now resides in West Hollywood.

Louise Harkness – Fun loving Louise is more than happy to participate in the full range of Divine’s exercises, no matter how peculiar. Her open heart fully embraces everything on the course, even if some of Divine’s more wordy teachings are lost on her. She likes lollipops and dislikes lard.



Darren Darnborough playing …himself
Darren Darnborough was born in London UK, and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Graduating from London University with a BA (Hons) in Media Arts, he has worked extensively in entertainment, as an actor in Film and TV (EastEnders / True Blood / Nobody The Great) and now as a producer and writer.

Darren is also an entrepreneur, having founded several internet and events companies. Since moving to America, he has learned to call certain vegetables by different names, drink free-pour liquor and mispronounce his T’s as D’s.

Darren Darnborough – An acquaintance of Dawn’s and a relocated Brit of 6 years, Darren is keen to meet the students of Divine White’s studio to ensure they are getting the correct and most up to date information, as well as a healthy perspective on the Hollywood and knows and loves.


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