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Alison Winter is an English writer, producer and performer.
Originally from Reading, Berkshire, Alison acted with the renowned Progress Theatre for the most part of her youth until her move to London to study Modern Drama and Film at Brunel University of West London. There, she worked with several European practitioners on a range of contemporary performance projects.

She developed more classical acting skills on a two-year acting course facilitated by The Questors Theatre in London, the largest community theatre in Europe. This combination of modern and classical training provided her with a unique range as a performer, as well as a thorough grounding in voice and movement.

Alison discovered her passion and talent for singing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1996, working with The National Youth Music Theatre on tour. She went on to appear with a number of UK regional musical theatre companies.

In 2005, Alison wrote and produced her first stage play, ‘The Conversation’ on the London Fringe. Continuing to study film in London, she began to conceptualize many of the projects that are now coming into fruition. In 2010, Alison formed her own production company, Relative Dimension Productions, incorporating Film, TV and New Media projects.

Alison now resides in Los Angeles. Her web series, ‘Divine White’s Introduction to Hollywood’, will be released in April 2011.

When she was 10 years old, she saw The Wind in The Willows on stage. Alison knew then that this would be her life. The life of someone who wanted to spend their time pretending to be someone (or something) else and telling a wonderful story. Said plainly like that, Alison says “it’s hard to deny that acting is a rather psychotic occupation”.

“Since moving to LA, for the psychosis has doubled. It’s very much like Alice falling down the rabbit hole; frightening, overwhelming… yet wonderful. And it’s that sense of wonder that keeps most of us sane. However, there is a darker side. Not everyone shares that sense of wonder. Some people simply see dollar signs in their eyes, whilst others are, tragically, literally insane and living a life of purest fantasy.

Creative people have no choice but to be open to opportunities. It’s an actor’s job to be constantly accessible, available, even vulnerable. And this is where Divine White comes in. But she’s not doing it just for the money. She’s doing it to feel relevant. Her entire course is an ego trip for her.

Unfortunately, the same is true of many people offering ‘enlightenment’ across the world. Divine represents the very worst aspect of teaching and all the wrong reasons for being in a position of power. The actors, meanwhile, are used to feeling like the lowest in the food chain. Yet they’re the ones taking the risks to pursue their dreams. Naive at times, perhaps, but also courageous. And without them, Divine and so many like her, would be unemployed.

I felt like I wanted to laugh at some of the absurdity myself and my friends have been subjected to over the years. A good, healthy, belly laugh. I’ve been blessed with some amazing teachers who are straight forward, talented and modest, but I have also encountered some shocking behaviour, and heard many, many terrible stories of manipulation, exploitation and deception. The show serves as a warning: It’s more about them than it is about you. So protect yourself”.

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