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Dunroamin Press Kit


Immediately after graduating Bournemouth University in 2009 with a directing MA, Oliver made his first feature film as writer/director, The Harsh Light of Day. Since then he was directed a number of award winning short films including 2011’s Speechless, music videos, commercials and documentaries, as well as consistently writing and developing new projects.

He has also been a documentary cameraman, cinematographer, 1st AD, a visual effects artist, producer, editor and screenwriter in both film and TV.

He brings this wealth of technical skills to his own filmmaking. Aside from Dunroamin, his most recent projects producing TV pilot TEDDY 2K, currently in development at Baby Cow Prodcutions, and working as 2nd Unit Director on the forthcoming Netflix/E4 series Crazyhead.



The film was really made around the actors. I had worked with them on the BBC fantasy series Atlantis and they both really stood out to me as great talents. Having worked in horror, science fiction and fantasy a lot, I had long wanted to make a more character-driven drama piece, to really focus on performance with.

So we have Dunroamin – a story of surface simplicity with a dirty, complicated underbelly. To say much beyond that is to give too much away, in fact, to even hint at hinted things is possibly too much. The film is best watched completely cold, with no expectations or preconceptions.

In fact, that’s how I see our role in the film – it plays out pretty much in real time, and I always wanted it to feel as though we, the audience, drop in on this odd situation with no knowledge over the characters. We discover who they are as they discover who each other are…

And while the explanations are definitely there if you pay attention, a few people have been left none the wiser even at the end. I’m OK with that – like life, we can’t always get a full picture of a situation, and sometimes a feeling is more important.


Director Q & A:

1. What gave you the idea for Dunroamin?

There’s some biographical stuff in there, in the resolution at least. But it was mostly a desire to work with those two actors. I’d worked with them in TV, and felt that I might be able to snag them for a short with the right script. So I set about writing a story that meant something to me – that I felt I could tell – but one that would also give them both a chance to flex their dramatic muscles.

2. Where did you film?

Dorset. Good locations are expensive, I didn’t have a lot of money to make the film, and I wanted to make sure that what I did have went on equipment and talented people. So I knew it had to be one location really. The house is actually my dad’s place, and knowing I could get access to it was another building block in coming up with the story.

3. What was it like working with Sarah and Rob?

Great! Just great. They give 110%, and don’t require as much tea as some actors. The roles were pretty much written for them, so I knew they could do it, and working with them was just a case of my being clear enough. They both have such filmable faces, and Dunroamin is all about that – there’s no spaceships or explosions to distract, so those face have to hold your attention and tell a story.

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