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Golden Years Press Kit


Fate, the pensions crisis and a steadfast refusal to accept the injustice of old age have contrived to force law abiding, retired couple, ARTHUR and MARTHA GOODE into a life of crime.

Refusing to take the loss of their pensions lying down and to fade away into their declining years, our characters decide to fight back.

They decide to take back what was theirs in the first place.

They decide to start robbing banks.

Their plan is simple – get their pensions back, sort out their down on their luck friends and save their social club from being turned into a supermarket.

Towing their Valencia Getaway caravan behind their trusty Volvo estate they map out a crime route that takes in National Trust properties along the way.  Dressed in masks and armed with cucumbers as guns they turn out to be surprisingly good at getting in and getting out!

Who would suspect a couple of elderly folk towing a caravan?

They feel a new surge of life running through their veins.

Time is running out for the gang as the auction of their beloved club looms. Enrolling their close friends they form a motley band of the most unexpected criminals.

As the bank jobs get bigger and riskier the law in the shape of old time detective Sid and his young sidekick Dave close in on them.  The action accelerates headlong to a climax that sees Sid confront Martha and Arthur on the day of their final heist.  But Sid’s long suffering wife Nancy threatens to leave him if he arrests these folk who in her eyes have done nothing wrong.

The gang need to pull off this robbery to secure the future of their club and things are complicated further as Martha is in bad health.

The rest of the gang are in position. They get the signal and the job goes ahead as planned.

As the masks come off for the final time we see that Nancy has in fact stepped in to help save the club whilst Martha recovers in hospital.

It’s back to the quiet life of bowls and bingo at the club until Martha and Arthur learn that the local day centre for the elderly is in danger of closing unless someone can come up with the cash and save it….?

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