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Lost Face Press Kit

Gerald Auger – Makamuk

Gerald Auger is a Canadian Director/Producer/ Writer/Actor, National Native Role Model, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker of Woodland Cree descent.

In 1996 and 1997 Auger was awarded the National Native Role Model by the Governor General of Canada. After being spotted at the opening ceremonies of the 1995 Canada Winter Games, Auger was given a supporting role in Il mio West (later dubbed Gunslinger’s Revenge), also starring David Bowie and Harvey Keitel. Filmed in Italy for Pacific Pictures, it was the first spaghetti western to use First Nations actors in Indigenous roles. Auger had a lead role in the 2002 National Geographic IMAX- production Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West, and he played Crow Hunter in an episode of the four-part Hallmark Entertainment TV miniseries Dreamkeeper.

In 2005 Auger had the supporting lead of Soaring Eagle in the first episode of the Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks-produced six-part miniseries Into the West; in 2006 he completed the film Klatsassin with Stan Douglas; and in 2007 he was cast as Chief Ambrose McQuinna in the CTV-produced Luna: Spirit of The Whale with Adam Beach, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal and Jason Priestley. In 2011 Auger had a cameo on primetime series Blackstone and landed the lead role of Pawnee Killer in AMC’s Hell on Wheels. Auger produced, wrote and directed the 2007 short film Walking Alone, won Best Director, and the 2008 National Film Board of Canada documentary Honour Thy Father and won Best Film Representing Cultural Diversity at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards in 2009.

In 2015, Gerald flew to Russia to film St. Petersburg- A Selfie, by director Natalia Kudryashova. Gerald was also cast in HBO’s Lewis and Clark playing Chief Leborgne. He also starred in Bohemian Blood, an independent short film he produced and co-wrote for The Frightening 48 Hour Film Challenge.


Martin Dubreuil – Subienkow

An actor with a peculiar career path, Martin Dubreuil was first noticed in the many shorts in which he participated, including amongst others Le rouge au sol (Maxime Giroux) for which he won best actor at the Milano film Festival and at Prends ça court.

His next shootings were under the eyes of Pierre Falardeau (15 février 1839), Yves-Christian Fournier (Tout est parfait), Alain Chartrand (La maison du pêcheur), Podz (Les 7 jours du talion, 10 et demi) and Sophie Deraspe (Les Loups).

Recently, he defended the roles of Private Tremblay in Bunker, (Patrick Boivin and Olivier Roberge) and that of Tom in Avant les rues (Chloé Leriche).

His Characters, always screaming of realism, also stand out on small screen (Toute la vérité, 19-2, Le Gentlemen II, Trauma II, Musée Éden). He also has been lead by the director Maxime Giroux in their 7th collaboration for the film Félix et Meïra. He will defend a role in Maudite Poutine directed by Karl Lemieux.


Morris Birdyellowhead – Yakaga

Of the Sharphead Band in Alberta. Direct descendant of hereditary Chief David Bird Yellowhead. Grand Parents – Chief Enoch Bird and Sarah Bird. Parents – Peter Bird and Louisa Bird. Great Grand father was Chief David Bird Yellowhead. Morris was raised with traditional indigenous values by his grandmother Sarah Bird.

Morris’ credits include – Into the West, Broken Trail, Apocalypto, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Elijah, September Dawn, Hell on Wheels and Diablo.

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