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The Escape Press Kit

Jessica Parker – Producer
Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker has worked in the film industry for over 15 years. Her real experience and training began when she worked with acclaimed line producer STEVE CLARK-HALL, who has recently produced such films as, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Sherlock Holmes, RocknRolla, and Revolver. It was with Steve that she learnt how to break down a script and create a budget and schedule as well as garnering real, on-set experience on such films as Saving Grace and The Gathering.

After a couple of years in physical production, Jessica was given the opportunity of working with veteran producer MARC SAMUELSON (Me & Orson Welles, Stormbreaker, The Libertine, Arlington Road). Staying at Samuelson Productions for over 9 years, she worked her way up eventually producing alongside Marc. In this role she influenced the development slate, leading on certain development projects, overseeing projects into production, being a key part of the casting and crewing up process, working closely with the line producer on set every day during the filming, including attending all cost report meetings, working on all aspects of post production, all the way to the delivery and release of the film.

Jessica served as associate producer on a number of films before the company joined forces with Isle of Man film to create CinemaNX, one of the UK’s leading independent financiers, and where she had access to a production fund of $100 million, serving as the Production Executive of the company. Having access to such a fund as CinemaNX allowed her to develop key relationships with agents, casting directors and financiers both in the US and UK, and has continued to maintain and develop these at Pari Passu.

Jessica Malik – Producer
Jessica Malik

Jessica Malik took a slightly different course and started her career in International sales working for Capitol Films, Th!nkFilm International and then Exclusive Media. Jessica’s experience equipped her with the knowledge of how to put together independent films and an insight into which films work in what regions in the world. She also gained valuable experience in how to finance a packaged project through a mixture of equity, discounted banked presales, soft money and gap finance as well as knowledge on how to deliver a film, create marketing materials, overseeing the release through all of the various different windows, approving P&A spends and overseeing festival releases at all of the major film festivals.

Jessica Malik executive produced Zaytoun, which was the first UK/Israeli co-production, having previously worked with GARETH UNWIN whilst at Exclusive Media. Jessica boarded the film and eventually set the production up with Pathe. The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2011, winning runner up prize for the prestigious Audience Award and travelling on to many festivals including the BFI London Film Festival.

In recent years Jessica Malik has served as a Business Affairs executive for many companies, but notably for GFM Animation, working closely with the producers of Shrek, The Simpsons and Surf’s Up.

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